Content is the asset

Tokenville is a fundraising platform for creators that lets artists publish and sell cryptocollectibles directly to their fans or investors.

Tokenville Platform

Our Mission

Our mission is to help creators break away from the attention economy and make a sustainable living not by selling their audience to advertisers, but by turning their content into assets which their fans will be ready to invest in.

Tokenville Platform

We develop Value-Added Services on blockchain

For Users

If you have Ethereum Wallet you need something to put into it. We are here to offer you something interesting

For Distributors

Own a media? You can embed tokenized content and get a revenue share from it

For Creators

Explore blockchain as a medium for art. Turn your creations into digital assets


  • Utility Token
  • Non-fungibles

Tokenville is now listed on HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange!
And this means that you can trade your TV to BTC,ETH andUSD.

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