Life tokenized

We are inventing a system of smart contracts simulating autonomous events that can be combined in various narrative forms

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Tokenization of Life
Blockchain Technology and Finances
Technology and Creativity in Entertainment
The First Blockchain Show

Tokenville Platform

All Tokenville shows are built as DApps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows us to create our own rules and build shows with zero censorship.

Platform for Users

Experience gained in different projects and shows will be merged into one account

TV Token

The only token needed for thousands of interpretations and ideas

Platform for Creators

Anyone can create their own show or game in Tokenville. Open API and support for the first authors

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Pictures and storytelling are great. But without the power of blockchain and an excellent code, we would not be able to succeed. We also want to educate our users, so we often post informative articles. See for yourself:

Be a part of the Show

You can take part in all of the upcoming Tokenville shows by getting a TV Token. If you have TVs you basically have your tickets in the front row. Don’t miss your chance!

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