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Buy cryptocollectibles, find combinations from the comic episodes and exchange them for keys.

Each key lets you claim a prize with a part of the jackpot inside. Keys have different colors, therefore with green key can only green prizes and with purple keys — only purple.

How to Get a Key?

In order to get a key you need to comprise a combination of collectibles in one of Tokenville’s shows.

  • Crypto Detective

    Crypto Detective

    Smart contract based show

    The show will immerse you in the Kittyverse and take you right inside the Hotel of Mr.Schrödinger, where someone has just mystically abducted Mr.Schrödinger’s beloved niece. The courageous Kitty Detective and his loyal assistant will try to solve that mystery.

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  • Crypto Treasures

    Crypto Treasures

    Interactive Web-Comic

    John McAfee and Magical Crypto Friends were searching for the Mass Adoption, a magical creature of boundless power, which is capable of destroying the whole world or, conversely, bringing joy and prosperity.

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